Basic Operations

You can choose to conduct your interview in either diagram or whiteboard mode. The Diagram mode is best suited for designing backend or distributed systems, whereas the whiteboard mode provides maximum flexibility for any other design scenarios. You can switch between the modes quickly at any time. Oasys offers a collection of utilities to speedup estimation, API design, and ER modeling, so you spend more time on the core system design skills.

The diagram mode comes with out of box components best suited for designing backend distributed systems.
Whether you are designing a new generation of the tie fighter or a CAP theorem defying distributed system, whiteboard mode is there for you.
Out of the box utilities for estimation, API design, and ER modeling, so you spend more time on the core system design skills.
  • RESTFul API DesignAPI Card
  • EstimationAPI Card
Schedule an interview from by navigating to the Home page. You can create the interview with empty questions or clone the Problem and Requirements from a previous interview automatically.After creating the interview, share the session link with the interview candidate. The candidate will be send to a waiting room where they can get familar with Oasys ahead of time. They will be redirected to the interview session automatically once you offically start the interview.
Clicking the "Start Interview" button will automatically redirect the interview candidate in the waiting room to the interview session. All changes you and the candidate make are saved automatically and synchronized across all sessions in real-time. Oasys also provides video and screen sharing capability out of the box.
The interviewer will send you a link to the interview session when your interview is scheduled. (The link should contain "waiting-room")We highly recommand spend 5 minute to familarize yourself with Oasys ahead of the interview.Clicking on the "Explore" button on the waiting room page will direct you to a sandbox environment identical to the interview session. Practice by creating a diagram, drawing on the whiteboard, and adding utilities.Preparing for an Interview
Navigating to the same "waiting room" link your interviewer sent to you. You will be automatically redirected when the interviewer starts the interview. Good Luck!Join an Interview
Interview Flow

This is a video bringing the entire interview flow together.

More Videos: Quick starts and basic operations