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A website that scales to millions of users

Design a website that evolves and scales from 100 users to 10 million users

Remote system design interview platform

Design a real-time collaboration platform for conducting remote system design interviews

High volume serverless website

Design an serverless website that horizontally scales to handle high-volume traffic

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Design from Start to Finish

Remember whiteboarding in the office? It was great while brainstorming with the team, but making sense of the board afterwards was impossible. What did we write there? Why did we add that load balancer? The process wasn't ideal, but it was good enough.

Fast forward to the era of "working from anywhere". Physical whiteboards aren't an option for collaborating. Virtual whiteboards have their own problems and only exist because we miss physical ones. It's painful to aggregate the information scattered across Slack, notes, and diagramming tools. There wasn't a solution so we made Oasys. Better yet, our goal is for Oasys to surpass physical whiteboards.


Start the design journey by brainstorming with your team over video and screen sharing. You can take notes of the discussion and leave comments anytime.


Create diagrams with generic tools such as Lucidchart takes a lot of time and effort. We build Oasys specifically for software system designs, so create similar designs with Oasis saves you hours.


Witness how your design blossoms from a sketch to complete design as requirements, demand, and API changes over time.


Record and see how data flows through the system like never before.

Feature Highlights

Video Gallery: Quick starts and basic operationsFree, no credit card required.